If You Were In A Relationship With Someone Who Is A Drug Addict, Would You Stay With Them Or Leave?

A relationship with someone who is a drug addict is too volatile to stay in, regardless of your feelings.

If You Were In A Relationship With Someone Who Is A Drug Addict, Would You Stay With Them Or Leave?Leaving the relationship is your only viable option, even though every fiber in you is hoping they change.

When there is so much emotional investment in a relationship, it is natural to have these thoughts.

Many people who are in these relationships cling to hope by believing that somehow their love gets them through this.

Life doesn’t work like that.

Your drug addicted partner tells you that they intend to stop.

They tell you that they are beating this addiction and to stick with them.

Blinded by your love for them, you believe them and stay.

What ensues is failure.

The drug addiction is so strong that this partner doesn’t follow through with their promise.

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There are moments of happiness, as your partner is sober.

They are laughing and having fun with you, paying you a whole bunch of attention.

You then believe that the relationship has now turned a corner and everything is going to be just fine.

What you are not seeing is what your partner is doing behind your back.

You don’t see the stash of drugs they hid away in the ceiling or in the closet.

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They are exceptionally sly with this.

They gave you a false sense of security, not wanting to lose you.

This takes you down a bitter path.

A path that leads to misery and desperation.

This drug addicted partner that you love or care for doesn’t have the same feelings for you.

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It is difficult for you to accept this but you have no choice.


They are more in love with something else.

The drugs.

As long as their love for the drugs is more than their love for you, they don’t change.

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Why stay in such a relationship?

Your partner isn’t changing and is dragging you down with them.

By staying, the psychological damage affects you for life.

You are better off leaving this relationship, no matter how much you think change is imminent or that love conquers all.

Evidently, it hasn’t.

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What more evidence do you need?

Staying in a situation like this drags you into their mess.

You aren’t cognizant that you are slipping into a depression until it hits you.

Guard against falling apart completely and leave while you still have your mental health intact.

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