Your Ex-Girlfriend Said She Would Not Meet Up With You Because She Didn’t Want To Open Up Old Wounds

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Your Ex-Girlfriend Said She Would Not Meet Up With You Because She Didn't Want To Open Up Old Wounds

She has moved on mentally from the relationship and meeting up with you opens a wound that crumbles all the work she has done on herself thus far.

An ex-girlfriend she is and an ex-girlfriend she wants to remain.

She just doesn’t want to put out any more effort to bring back what once was.

Meeting up with you isn’t worth it to her.

You should ask yourself why you want so badly to meet up with your ex-girlfriend.

Sometimes, we want to rekindle a past relationship because we are currently alone and fear being alone.

At moments like this, we are the most vulnerable and irrational.

You crave what you once had, believing it gets better this time around.

The truth is that the both of you are exes for a reason.

Exes often get together over and over again, intending to make the relationship work, when the sad truth is that they are no longer compatible.

Ask yourself why this matters so much to you.

Yes, you still love her.

For a second, take the blinders off.

Is she really what is best for you right now?

Shouldn’t you be taking the time that you have now to learn more about yourself?

This time is where you grow as an individual, molding yourself into a better catch for some lucky woman in your future.

Relationship experiences we learn from makes us seasoned, preventing us from making the same mistakes over and over.

Accept the message she is sending.

Come to peace with it and move on with your life.

An end to wasting your time.

Wasting more time and effort haplessly pursuing her, asking to meet up, is nothing but heartache.

Although, you don’t see it at the moment, her decision to move on from you is of mutual benefit.

Take advantage of it.

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