Is It Easier For A Girl To Get A Boyfriend Or Do Some Men Prefer Being Single?

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Is It Easier For A Girl To Get A Boyfriend Or Do Some Men Prefer Being Single?

Yes, it is easier for a girl to get a boyfriend and yes, some men do prefer being single.

Right on both counts.

Now, the quality of boyfriend is a different story.

Just because it is easier for a girl to get a boyfriend doesn’t always mean that she gets the best there is to offer.

Oftentimes, a girl can be stuck with a guy that is of low quality and even if she may want to extricate herself from him, she finds it hard due to her feelings for him.

Did she set out to be with such a jerk in the first place? Not necessarily.

Those men who prefer being single can be broken down in a few ways.

There are the men who give up on trying to get a girlfriend.

They have tried in the past and have been rejected.

They reach the point that they no longer want to keep being rejected so they make a conscious decision to be single.

Then, there are guys who prefer being single because they enjoy their freedom.

They do not wish to compromise their time and their emotions to someone else on a romantic level.

This would require too much effort and time.

These men are still very much interested in women.

They simply do not want to be stuck with any one woman.

In the end, there is something about girls and guys that is quite similar.

Though girls do have an easier time getting a boyfriend, they have a harder time getting that boyfriend to open up.

As such, sometimes, they may feel an emotional vacuum in the relationship rendering them of the mind that they might as well be single.

On the other hand, the guy who prefers being single as a result of constant rejection from girls typically still wants to be in a relationship and wishes that girls would simply give him a chance, as he is a very open and sensitive guy.

He would really want more than most things to have a girlfriend.

Hence, you would think that these two would be perfect for each other.

But, alas, life just doesn’t work out that way.

That’s important to understand.

You may have a particular perception in mind of how a guy or girl may be thinking that is the complete opposite of what he or she is truly thinking.

Oftentimes, your own insecurities may cloud your judgment.

You should ensure that you don’t allow your own insecurities to cloud your judgment to the point that you find yourself being more guarded or closed off to potential dates.

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