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    Just wondering if any can help me understand this guy shows interest and vanishes? Went on a first date. Went spent 12 hours together. I considered a great first date. We talked about everything. He asked me lots of questions. He talked about previous relationships and said he wanted a relationship. He told me he is quiet shy but he was touching me loads on the arms and legs so eventually I made the first move and kissed him, he loved it and told me he was really surprised as he wasnt sure if i was into him. He then listed off all the things his loved about me… eyes, smile, sense of humor, kissing etc . I felt like I was in a Fanclub for me . I figured I’ve nothing to lose by kissing him and he seemed soo keen. He wanted to come back to my place, I said it was too soon. I told him I’d like to go on the 2nd date, he said he would like that too. He initiated the kissing from then on for the rest of the night. He put me in in a taxi and went home. He text me good night and thanks for a great night and I haven’t heard from him since. Maybe I should text him but I made the move on him so I’m not going to throw myself at him by texting him also. But I don’t understand why he seems so interested and then dissappear? This has happened to me a few times.. why bother lying or staying out on the date if you are not that interested?

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    Am I imagining this? Does that not sound like a great first date???

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