Should I Just Let This One Go?

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Should I Just Let This One Go?You should take into account how much effort you have put into this interaction with this person.

If there is a feeling that you have put in a lot more effort than the other person has, you may be better off letting this one go.

You have to understand that oftentimes people get off on the attention that they are getting from another and they are not necessarily looking for more.

Perhaps this person has made you feel as though they are interested. Perhaps you have had interesting conversations with this person to the point where you feel like the both of you see eye to eye.

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This is often what would make someone in your position begin to believe that there is a chance with this person.

Do understand that if this person hasn’t followed up on what they have been telling you with real action, these are just words.

Words in this context aren’t being followed up by action which indicates that the words are, well, meaningless.

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You do need to think about this because people so often get caught up in what they think the other person is feeling that they are blind to what is happening right in from of them.

Also, you should understand that what you want out of all of this may not be what you need.

You may be going through a period in your life right now where you just feel that you need someone in it.

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You may feel that this other person is going to help you get through whatever emotional issues or deficiencies that you are going through right now.

However, you do need to understand that moments like this, when you are emotionally weak or dependent on someone else, are typically the moments where we make the worst decisions.

Take a step back and take a look at your life.

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If you do an assessment right now and notice that you have felt an emotional rift in your life or that you are at a stage where you are simply looking for someone to help you feel better about yourself, you should take serious note of that.

Your solution wouldn’t be to try everything in your power to get this person that you like to be with you.

Someone else can’t really solve this issue.

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This is where you will have to dig deep and work hard to better your own sense of self-worth.

It is something that takes time but it can be done.

In the end, the goal is to get you to a place mentally where you are capable of making the best choice for yourself as far as finding a mate that is based on clarity and not emotional desperation.

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This person who has most likely not been giving you the kind of response you would want may also be able to sense that you are desperate for this kind of attention or fulfillment in your life.

Unfortunately, some people do take advantage of that.

You may be better off letting this one go if you have been going about things with this approach.

This allows you to keep your sense of self-worth intact and also helps to make you realize that you are better off having a more multi-faceted life filled with other fulfilling activities.

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