I Didn’t Get My Girlfriend A Present For Our Anniversary

If you didn’t get your girlfriend a present for the anniversary of your relationship, don’t panic.

She may not be entirely unhappy with that as long as you are willing to make it up to her.

Making it up to her could be as simple as giving her a special day at home where you make her a lovely dinner or giving her a wonderful massage.

In essence, you don’t have to run out and buy her something.

She may be perfectly happy with simply having you give her your attention or pamper her in some way.

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Try to avoid apologizing profusely to her.

This could actually make her feel like you have done something egregiously bad.

The more you apologize for something, the more attention you draw to it.

When you keep drawing attention to it, you make the deed appear worse than it really is.

Hence, do refrain from apologizing.

Also understand that anniversaries shouldn’t be the only occasion where you show your girlfriend how much you care about her.

You should learn to do this on a daily basis.

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This doesn’t mean that you have to shower her with gifts and serenade her everyday. It simply means that you are willing to tell her that you love and appreciate her.

You are willing to cuddle with her. You are willing to tell her how much you appreciate her in your life. You are willing to spend the time to help her do particular chores or take the initiative to do them.

It is the little things that you do that can make the most difference.

The more you do them, the more they add up. You will be building goodwill. This really bodes well for you.

In fact, if you were to focus on being this kind of boyfriend on a daily basis and you were to get to another anniversary that you didn’t get her a present, she may really not care at all.

After all, you have always shown her just what she means to you.

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Now, if your girlfriend were to get upset over the fact that you didn’t get her a present on this current anniversary, ensure that you let her know how much you care about her.

Sometimes, she just needs to hear this.

She may be worried that you don’t care about her. This is especially true if you haven’t always been the most supportive boyfriend.

If she were not to receive a present from you, she may see that as reinforcement that you don’t care about her that much.

Try to reassure her that this isn’t the case.

This is also when you would have to back up your words with an action plan. You will make it your mission to show her how much you care for and appreciate her each and every day.

As I mentioned earlier, you don’t have to go overboard with this.

Doing the simple and subtle acts each and every day is all you need.

Tell her that you love her and be affectionate. Let her speak her mind and be willing to listen when those moments arrive.

This is how you can make up for it.


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