Is Intelligence In The Opposite Sex Attractive?

Intelligence in the opposite sex can be attractive to some and not so much to others.

For instance, a guy may feel like he doesn’t want the girl to be too intelligent because he may not be able to measure up to her intellect.

He may be worried that she has too much knowledge.

He may actually get anxious about the possibility that he will not be able to match her in intellect and conversation.

He may really worry about this to the point where he may feel like it would be better not to go out on further dates so as not to embarrass himself.

The typical guy who would worry about this is the kind who may not be as educated or as career accomplished as his date.

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This is where intelligence can become less of an element of attraction and more of an impediment.

A guy who is less educated and less accomplished may feel intimidated by a girl who has more intelligence.

It is not always because he wants to be the leader.

Oftentimes, he just doesn’t want to embarrass himself and put himself in an awkward position during conversation.

A guy in this situation would also worry that he would not be able to bring this girl around his family or friends who may all share the same level of intelligence that he has.

He may not want to put himself in this kind of situation.

He may want a girl that he is certain will be able to fit right in with his family and friends.

Also, there are some guys who would only find intelligence on the opposite sex attractive when that intelligence gels with his belief system.

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A guy often wants to know that he does have a similar belief system with a girl.

If he feels like her intelligence is leading her to a belief system that he doesn’t espouse, he may find her intelligence unattractive.

He may not want her to use her intelligence to infuse too much rationale into the belief system that could poke holes at it.

This may cause him to have to reevaluate this belief system and he doesn’t want to do that.

If this is a belief system that he was raised on and he has spent his whole life believing, he may not want someone to come along and render it obsolete or ridiculous.

That would rock the core of who he is as person.

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Thereby, he would refrain from wanting to be around an intelligent girl who has the ability to present valid points that make his belief system inauthentic.

The kind of guy who finds intelligence in the opposite sex attractive is typically the guy who is also equally intelligent.

He may not necessarily be as intelligent in a particular area that she is knowledgeable about but he is intelligent in other areas.

He is often able to teach this member of the opposite sex something intelligent that she doesn’t know.

He is also open to learning something intelligent from her.

This is a person that is constantly willing to learn about life and isn’t necessarily stuck on any one ideology or belief system.

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