I Don’t Want My Family To Meet Him

You may have to strongly consider why you don’t want your family to meet him.

What is it about him or your family that is causing this?

There is clearly an issue.

He may not even know what it is.

He may be totally willing to meet your family.

So what is it?

Perhaps you are worried that he wouldn’t meet the kind of requirements that your family expects in a mate?

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If this is the case, you have to consider what is most important here.


You are an adult and you make your own decisions.

Your family should respect you as an adult.

If you believe that this guy is who you want to be with, that is a decision that you have made.

If your family respects you as an adult and an individual, they will also have to accept your decisions.

The danger of preventing him from meeting your family because you believe that he doesn’t meet their standards is that this kind of belief can actually permeate into your own relationship with him and affect it in a negative way.

He may begin to sense that you don’t really agree with his accomplishments in life or you don’t really hold him to a high standard.

The message you would be subliminally sending him would be one of lack.

If he begins to feel like he lacks in a particular area, he may begin to doubt that you respect him.

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You may even see him as less than.


He doesn’t embody everything that your family wants in a mate for you and as a result somewhere in the back of your mind, you begin to view him as somewhat of a failure.

You will not come right out and tell him this, you may even force yourself to believe otherwise.

However, there is that part of you that does view him as somewhat of a step down.

This could affect the way you treat him and he may read on this.

Perhaps you don’t want your family to meet him because you are worried that he wouldn’t get along with them for some reason.

Well, if you only focused on bringing people around your family who you were certain would get along with them, you may pick relationships simply out of convenience.

You pick these relationships based on how you think your family will get along with them as opposed to who makes you happy.

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This can be very detrimental to your love life because you will only be thinking about what makes your family happy.


You have to think about what makes you happy.

You are going to be the one in the relationship, not your family.

You are going to be the one who is supposed to love and cherish this person in a romantic sense and not your family.

Hence, you have to be with someone that you know makes you happy first and not someone you believe would make your family happy.

In the end, if you are looking to have a long term relationship with this guy, he is going to ask about meeting your family at some point.

Think about the points made so far so that you know how to respond to him.


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