Do I Love Him?

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Do I Love Him?You may think about him incessantly throughout the day and night.

You may constantly envision a future with him.

You may find yourself constantly wanting him to be around you even when you are around other people that you love.

You may want him to succeed in whatever endeavor he engages in and be prepared to support him all the way.

All these are strong emotions that could mean that you love him.

What you need to do is start assessing how you look at your world now.

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Do you still look at it the way you used to?

Do you still have the same goals, ideals and ambitions?

Is something a little different?

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Perhaps you now look at the world in a way that includes this other person. Perhaps you can’t think of a world where this person would not be in it. Perhaps your ambitions have taken a turn and you may be a little bit more invested in those of this other person than in your own.

You will have to make this assessment and draw your conclusion.

It is quite likely that you love him. It is quite likely that by merely having this question in your mind, you have already given yourself the answer.

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The answer may be a yes because the word “love” has come into your mode of thinking.

Love is indeed a powerful word.

If you find yourself suddenly putting that word in your mind, there is a good chance that you are already experiencing its effects.

Also, you should assess how you have been behaving around your family and friends.

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Have you slowly let up on some of the activities that you typically engage in with them just so you can spend time with this guy?

Perhaps you normally go out on walks with your best friend.

Have you continued to do that of late or do you find yourself giving excuses not to go just so you can spend more time thinking about this guy?

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Take a look at other activities that you tend to partake in.

Have they suffered as well? Have you noticed that you are doing those routine activities much less of recent?

If so, what have you been doing in their place?

There is a good chance that if you have been performing those routine activities a lot less lately, you have been spending that extra time doing something with this guy or thinking about him in some way.

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You always go to the gym after work. However, today you feel tired.

What do you end up doing?

You stay home instead and think about him. Perhaps you call him and ask him what he is up.

You find yourself wanting to be around him and do things with him at the expense of activities you have normally done on a routine basis.

What is happening is, your world is beginning to narrow. It is almost like you are experiencing tunnel vision. He is the one at the end of the tunnel and all you want to do is get to him.

This is how you know you love him.

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