What Is Going On? Why Do People In My Generation End Relationships So Quickly?

People in your generation, the under 25’s, end relationships so quickly because for one thing, they have a lot more dating options today than their parents had.

With all of the social apps and social media sites a la Facebook, they have a wide variety of options in terms of meeting potential partners that many previous generations didn’t.

People in your generation are also in the age of instant gratification. There was a time when people took a while to get to know someone. Oftentimes, they built friendships or simply took their time while courting.

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The importance of this was that it gave people a chance to truly get to know each other. That way, if they did get serious, they would have an idea of what they were getting into. In today’s world, everything is about how can you make me happy at this very moment.

You have self-checkout lines at grocery stores now. You can instantly download music from your phone or computer and be instantly listening to it without having to set foot in a store. You can instantly catch the latest movie online without having to set foot in a movie theater or a movie rental store.

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You can order an item online and receive it within 24 hours right at your front door without having to go to the post office. Instant gratification.

Since your generation has basically grown up in such a culture, they want what they want and they want it now. Spending the time to cultivate relationships is boring and too contrived.

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Hence, they quickly enter relationships they shouldn’t have, in the hopes of immediate gratification and ultimately end it because that person wasn’t who they hoped they’d be or they are just plain bored and want to place another order.

The next best thing always seems so tempting even though it may end up becoming a big mistake as far as relationships are concerned.

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